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Our Story – Red Earth Contracting

Our Story

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Since my wife and I started having kids in 2008 I knew I wanted to do something that could involve my family ( a family business) something I could pass on to my kids if they desired. My dad ran a handy man, Renovation Company for a number of years when I was kid. I remember before I was even in kindergarten I loved helping my dad build stuff (or just be in his way) If he was working around the house chances are I was close by watching. In school my favorite classes were woodwork and metal work I just loved to build and create stuff. Later in life I had the privilege of working with a non-profit organization that I helped lead. During my time there I looked after building up keep, renovations, additions and leading large teams of work groups on a weekly basis. We had 5 locations with a combined total of 20000 sf and over 100acres that I was directly or in directly responsible for. One of things we did to raise money for the non-profit was a work program where we sent people to build or maintain things in many communities around BC. This time groomed me for the transition I made in 2012 to start my own company, Red Earth Contracting. My name Adam in Hebrew mean Red or comes from the earth hence the name Red Earth. I have been married for 10 years and have three children Ava, Liam and Rowan my love of building is why I do what I do but my family is what makes sure I give a 100 percent and do everything I can to ensure your happy and will recommend us to a friend. My hope is to build a company based on Trust and integrity that when my kids if they choose want to take the reins will have something they can take pride in because it was built on Integrity, trust, fare pricing and of course quality. Let us be your contractors, you won’t regret it. – Adam Reynolds